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Work with Hull's highest-rated lettings team

We're focused on letting, managing and maintaining investment property in Hull and our business is built on reputation. We have the highest rating on Google over the largest sample size of any letting agent in the region. Landlords come to us because we make things simple for them.

Our letting machine

You've made a considerable investment in your property so we make sure we're thorough in finding the right tenant for it.

There is a process we go through to get your property ready for the market starting with high-quality video and photography for the online listing and promoting it direct to the target audience. Once a suitable tenant is found we make sure your paperwork is in order and your property complies with the latest legislation.

We've found that following this procedure enables us to eliminate as much risk as possible. Ultralets clients have total peace of mind that their property is left in good hands.

Planning your next investments

Taking the right advice on your next step into the buy to let market is essential. Be sure to draw on our experiences on the front line of lettings to help. We offer consultancy services on everything associated with buy to let investments in Hull. 

  • Location demand
  • Typical tenant demographics
  • Required property condition 
  • Market property value 
  • Market rental value
  • High and low capital growth areas
  • Areas to avoid

We'd always recommend gathering the opinions of other agents and professionals that work the same patch as us to make the most informed decision possible.

Interested in purchasing an investment property that is already managed and maintained by us?

View our reviews

I highly recommend Ultralets to anyone looking to rent in Hull. I am currently abroad and looking for a property to rent was proving to be impossible, until I found Ultralets. Ultralets was the only agency that allowed me to start a rental process remotely. Both Sophie and Tina helped making the process very smooth and they were fantastic at answering all my questions in details. I don't think I will ever want to deal with any other letting agency in Hull - they set the bar too high! :) Nothing less than FIVE STARS TO ULTRALETS, also for their great website which is very easy to navigate through!

Flavia Minieri

We are so glad we chose Ultralets to be the managing agent for the 4 rental properties that we own in Hull; living over 200 miles away it was crucial that we got this right. One of the reasons that we chose Ultra Lets was because with them being a small independent lettings agent, we felt that we were more likely to receive a more tailored and personalised service than from a bigger regional company. From the off we have not been disappointed. Ultra Lets’ communications have been excellent, plus they are super-efficient at handling repairs and other queries. In addition they have been brilliant at reletting our properties with short void periods whenever they have become vacant. I’m sure their creative use of social media in marketing vacancies has a large part to play in this. And all this always delivered in a really friendly manner by their small team of lovely staff. And now we have the Covid 19 lockdown and I have to say that Ultra Lets’ response to the extreme challenge of maintaining business continuity whilst protecting the safety of everyone involved has been nothing short of magnificent. The market leading measures that Ultra Lets have introduced include staff homeworking in a seamless way, and their incredibly creative and innovative new contactless viewings and lettings process. The creativity and innovation of Spencer and his staff is, I am sure not only down to their calibre as individuals, but also the smallness of the company which allows for the creativity, adaptability and innovation that might not be possible for larger companies with more cumbersome processes. If you are thinking of using the services of a letting agent in Hull as either a landlord or a tenant, I cannot recommend them enough.

Tracy Ahern

Having rented a property out using ‘traditional estate agents’ for a while, I decided to try something different. Could not be more pleased with Ultralets; they bring the rental experience into the 21st century and offer a hassle-free, seamless, high quality experience for both tenants and landlords. Slick, affordable and efficient with excellent, responsive customer service attached. I will definitely continue to use them going forward and highly recommend them.

Michelle Dewberry

I have been a Landlord of properties in Hull for more than 35 years, initially managing them myself, but a few years ago I moved out of the area, so let a local Agency take over the management, but I was not happy with their service, so I decided to try Ultralets, what a breath of fresh air this has been compared to my previous Agency. From my first meeting with Spencer I knew I would be in good hands, their service from the start has been both professional, & helpful, and their management techniques are up to the minute, such that that I no longer feel the need to come back to Hull as I used to do,to check up on the properties, I am more than happy to leave it to Ultralets to look after my interests, and feel reassured that they are working for me. since moving to them I have not had many vacant periods in the tenancies, unlike my previous agents Jake on the Lettings team has been so helpful in sorting out some really difficult issues during the transfer, his knowledge of the property market in Hull is impressive, and Russ on the maintenance team sorts out all the problems without any hassle to me. In short, I couldn't be happier that I made the Move, & I have even entrusted them with the sale of some of my investment properties & I look forward to a long association with Ultralets.

Barrie Schnieder

I can't say more than Ultralets have ticked all the boxes for me. Service has always been professional yet importantly, friendly. They have been always been responsive ,even when asked what must have been to them, seemed pretty basic matters. A great support to a novice landlord.

John Beardmore

The team at Ultralets worked so professionally when we decided to move our whole portfolio of properties over to Ultralets from our previous agents. It was so seamless and looking back we should have done this sooner. There systems and processes make our lives as landlords so much easier. We now recommend them to all investors and landlords. Great work thanks guys.

Ross Boulding

Great Quality service. Property Advertisements extremely high quality love the 3d tours. Attracted great response and had my rental property occupied very quickly with a wide choice of tenants before letting the property. Ultralets provides a service second to none. Job creation and tracking software for monitoring issues raised by my tenants is excellent. I know what's outstanding and get automated reminders with slot booking dates function. The software is great but this is simply an addition to the core of the business and that, is a great team who are willing to respond quickly and effectively to solve both every day and long term issues. What a great team. Special thanks Sophie and Jake. Thanks Ultralets

Warren Taylor

When I was trying to rent a property for the first time, they did everything for me. I knew nothing. They explained everything and it was like we agreed. I live in the same property for a year and a half. They respond to every querry, always do their best to resolve an issue and their online report system is fabulous. Their engineers are fast and get the ob done fast. After a year in this property, I am thinking about buying a property. Since I never bought a property, I needed advice. Ultralets set up a meeting the same day! They gave me all the information and advice on buying a property. I was amazed how friendly and helpful they were. They are not my letting agency anymore. They are my friends! You cannot go wrong by choosing Ultralets!

Dubravko Miholjek

Top marks to Ultralets. I handed them the keys to my Buy to Let property three days before the Covid lock down. No businesses knew what to expect, virgin territory for everyone. Ultralets got their remote systems up and running rapidly and found me a tenant within four weeks. Marketing, video tours, referencing, paperwork and move in all done by remote. Ultralets are proactive, adaptable and keen to please. My points of contact have be Jo, Alice and Spencer all of which have been a pleasure to deal with. I'm more than happy to recommend them to anyone thinking of doing business with them.

Simon Collins

We have been trying to purchase investment property in Hull. With luck, one agent recommended Spencer of Ultra Lets when we enquired about letting agents. Spencer has and still is, devoting a huge amount of time in our quest. One bought and another to go so far. We do not know Hull and without Spencer's guidance could well have invested in the wrong property in the wrong area. Any questions we have raised have been responded to very promptly and frankly. A thoroughly pleasant experience. Spencer also has some great contacts who have assisted in providing quotes for re-roofing, new pvc doors and internal furnishing and building works. What a package!

Ian Roriston

Full management VS Let only

Landlords utilise our services in different ways. For some, they just need a tenant finding and the initial paperwork preparing. Others prefer us to deal with everything on their behalf so they can distance themselves from the day to day handling of their tenancies. 

Full management

Have everything handled by a highly-rated and professional team.


10%+VAT of the rental amount and a £125.00+VAT letting fee when a new tenant moves in. 

When it's vacant

  • Property condition assessment and advice
  • Installation of a 'to let' board
  • Digital marketing on our social media channels
  • Professional photography and video walkthrough
  • Promotion of your property on major portals
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Referencing of tenancy applications
  • Production of move-in paperwork
  • Section 21 compliance documents
  • Photographic inventory and deposit handling 

During the tenancy

  • 24/7 handling of repair reports by your tenant
  • Access to our online repair reporting system
  • Exclusive access to our in-house maintenance team with 24hr call-out
  • Key storage and handling
  • Handling of utilities
  • Property documentation and certification management
  • Monthly rent collection and distribution
  • Rent default management
  • Management of council tax liabilities
  • Renewal of tenancies
  • Access to our client portal holding all of your property data and financials
  • Service of notices where necessary
  • 6 monthly photographic property inspections with a report on condition and tenancy
  • Attendance of environment health inspections by our HHSRS trained agents where necessary
  • Exit inspection and reporting
  • Information regarding all legislation changes
  • Quarterly industry newsletter
  • Early access to off the market investment opportunities

Let only 

Confident that you've got the day-to-day management in hand? If your property has a market rent of £550.00PCM or more and if you think this could be for you, give us a call to discuss further. Let's get it on the market.


£500.00+VAT payable when the tenant moves in.

What is included in this service?

  • Property condition assessment and advice
  • Installation of a 'to let' board
  • Digital marketing on our social media channels
  • Professional photography and video walkthrough
  • Promotion of your property on major portals
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Key handling
  • Referencing of tenancy applications
  • Production of move-in paperwork
  • Section 21 compliance documents
  • Photographic inventory and deposit handling 

Frequently asked questions

  • How quickly will you let my property?

    A question we get regularly but a difficult question to answer accurately. Of course, this depends on the market demand, location, rental asking price and condition of your property. We aim to let every property within 3 weeks of listing it. Ultralets regularly hold the #1 spot on Zoopla for the speed of our lets. We hope you'll agree that finding the right tenant is the most important aspect of letting any property. 

  • Why should I use a letting agent to manage my property?

    You can manage your own property of course but using a good letting agent represents excellent value for money. Having access to a team of professionals who can collect your rents, be your main contact with your tenant, keep your property occupied and well maintained and keep you abreast of the incoming legislation in our industry is extremely important. Not to mention it frees you up to focus on doing what you want to do. It's also worth noting that your management fees are a tax-deductible expense.

  • If my property needs some work before it is ready for the market can Ultralets arrange this for me?

    Before listing any property we carry out an inspection to make sure that the property is up to the required legal safety standards and advise on any necessary work. We also make recommendations for any improvements we think you could make to achieve a higher rent or attract a better tenant. Our team can arrange and carry out any required work prior to letting. 

  • What accreditations do Ultralets have?

    We are regulated by the association of residential letting agents. This means we uphold the highest industry standards. We have our client account audited annually and we abide by a strict code of practice. Even if you don’t use us to manage your property we'd recommend using an agent that is ARLA regulated. Find out more about the Association of Residential Letting Agents

  • If my tenant reports a repair issue how do you deal with it?

    As soon as a repair is reported through our online reporting system we send it on to you via email for review. At this point, you can either carry out the repair yourself, instruct your own contractor, or pass the job back to us to be sorted by our in-house team. The issue may require further inspection to determine the route cause which a member of our team would carry out. 

  • How do you reference applications for my property?

    Take a look at our 'Apply for a property' page to see exactly what we ask our tenants for when they apply for your property. A written reference from the applicant's current landlord and place of work is important and it's critical that a tenant can provide evidence of continuous rental payments at a previous address. Under both our full management and let only services, you as the landlord will make the final decision on whether an application is accepted or not.

  • Will I ever hear from my tenant directly?

    No, there are no circumstances in which we will pass any of your personal details on to your tenants. Unless we are specifically requested to do so, by you, in writing. You will always hear from a member of our team if there is something to discuss relating to your property.

  • What happens if the tenant reports an emergency issue at my property out of hours?

    Ultralets have two WhatsApp emergency numbers which we encourage tenants to send a message to if they have an out of hours emergency. We also have a 24/7 Monitored mobile number for really urgent issues that tenants are made aware of and are on our contact us page.

  • If I want Ultralets to take over the management of my property from another agent how involved do I need to be in the process?

    It’s a really hands-off process. All we need from you is our terms of business signed and returned. You will need to give the required notice to your current agent but once they are notified we can arrange to collect all certification, tenancy agreements, tenant contact information and keys. At that point, we will make contact with your tenants and make them aware of the switch.

  • If a tenant damages my property mid way through their tenancy and refuses to pay for the essential repair what recourse do I have?

    Let’s say, for example, that a window is damaged during a tenancy and we have sufficient evidence to suggest this was done by a tenant. The repair would need to be carried out the repair as normal, you as the landlord would pay for it and the invoiced amount will be contested at the end of the tenancy and deducted from the deposit. In most cases though, the tenant will offer to pay for it there and then.

  • If I'm looking to buy another investment property can Ultralets help me with that?

    Our team has a huge amount of experience in dealing with letting houses, understanding the types of tenants that rent in certain areas and understanding the required standard of work to get the best, hassle-free, tenants. If we manage your property we are on hand to help you expand your portfolio. Our advice is impartial and available whenever you need it.

  • If I'm dissatisfied with the service I have received from Ultralets who do I contact?

    If you find that you are unhappy with anything the Ultralets team has done for you we ask that you firstly detail your complaint in an email to spencer@ultralets.co.uk. We will do our best to resolve or explain any issue but if you are still unhappy with any offered solutions we will refer you to our redress scheme 'The Property Ombudsman Service' (TPOS).

  • How will my rental income be paid to me and when will I receive my statement?

    At the start of every year, we send over a summary of the exact dates every month in which you will receive your rent money for the upcoming 12 months. On this monthly disbursement day you will also receive your statement on our client portal. We will notify you that it is ready to view via email on the final working day of the month. What does an Ultralets landlord statement look like? We've written a whole blog about it here.

  • What are the all the charges to tenants and landlords when working with Ultralets?

    Every agent should publish a schedule of their charges to tenants and landlords by law. Read ours here.

  • The importance of effective property maintenance

    (Availability - Currently booking in refurbishments for Q2 2022)

    Keeping your property let requires responsive property maintenance. At Ultralets our works team are employed directly by us. That means no costly call-outs, no third-party contractors and when there's a really urgent issue at your property we can make sure it is dealt with quickly.

    Empty properties are expensive

    We understand that when your investment is vacant, bringing it up to the required standard in a timely manner is extremely important. Similarly, when a tenant is in place and they have a repair query, we need to make sure we act as swiftly as we can to put it right. We have total control of the whereabouts of our skilled tradespeople which allows us to prioritise jobs as we see fit. Tenants have 24/7 access to our reporting system 'FixFlo' and emergency contact numbers for out-of-hours issues.

    High-quality workmanship 

    Our in-house team are competent in plumbing, joinery, decorating, and refits of both kitchens and bathrooms. We outsource flooring, gas and electrical works to tried and tested contractors. Any work carried out on your property will always be approved by the landlord prior to starting the job and labour is guaranteed for 6 months after completion.

    Keeping a proper paper trail

    We operate an online tool for tenants to report repairs which leaves a strong paper trail giving landlords 24/7 access to archived reports from tenants, invoices and receipts from all works carried out at their property. 

    Giving a property a complete overhaul 

    When we carry out a full refurbishment at a property we provide an itemised quote at the outset which must be approved in writing by the landlord. Your quote will include an estimated completion date for the work. We will expect at least a 50% payment in advance for any refurbishment works.

    Some landlords prefer to handle things themselves

    Some landlords prefer to handle their own repairs, this isn't a problem. We can forward the information about the required work directly to you. As responsible managing agents, we have an obligation to our tenants that the work should be carried out in a reasonable timeframe, safely, and to a good standard. We will maintain regular contact with the landlord until the repair is satisfied.

    Speak to our local & friendly team to let us know how we can help