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How does it all work?

Letting agents and private landlords all work in different ways so it's important you have an understanding of how we do things.

If you have any questions feel free to start up a Live Chat with our team down below.

  • What is my rental deposit for and will I get it back when I leave?

    Our aim is to always return a full deposit to the tenant but we can only do this if your rent is up to date on the day you leave and the property doesn't have any major damage. We accept fair wear and tear.

  • I’ve just moved in and something isn’t as I expected it to be, what do I do?

    Don't panic, we will get it sorted. Give us a call at the office if it's an urgent problem. If it’s not urgent, report it through our online repair reporting system, Fixflo, and we will be in touch very soon.

  • I’d like to report a non-urgent repair issue at my home, what is the best way to do it?

    It’s really simple, head over to our report a repair page, fill in the information and submit it to us. We will take a look at the issue, consult your landlord and be in touch with you as soon as we know how it is going to be dealt with.

  • How can I arrange a viewing for a property?

    It's really simple, you can send an enquiry through our website or one of the various property portals we list our properties on.

  • How do I begin the application process?

    Once you have viewed the property, you can revisit the property listing on our website and follow the "Apply for this property" button. Alternatively, you can head to our application form here and select the property from the dropdown.

  • How long does it take to find out if my application has been accepted?

    We will always aim to reference your application as fast as we can, ideally within 5 working days, however, this can vary depending on a number of factors such as referees getting back to us and incomplete applications.

  • If my application is accepted, how long is it until I need to move in?

    Once accepted by your landlord we can hold the property for up to 4 weeks for you. Some landlords may insist you move in sooner but we understand that you probably need to give notice where you are.

  • What is a holding deposit and when do I pay it?

    Your holding deposit is the equivalent of one week’s rent for the property you are applying to rent. For us to begin processing your application, your holding deposit must be paid. If you subsequently decide to retract your application you will lose your holding deposit. If you are accepted, this one week's rent (equivalent) is deducted from your deposit which is payable when you move in.

  • Where and how will I sign my tenancy agreement?

    We operate a paperless office. Your tenancy agreement is sent to your to sign via email from 'Adobe sign'. The property inventory will also be sent to you prior to move in along with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical Safety Certificate, the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and right to rent report this can be signed at return at a time to suit you prior to moving in. Before collecting your keys, both of these documents need to be signed and your first months rent and deposit need to be paid.

  • What do I need to bring with me when I move in?

    Nothing! By the time your move-in day comes around, you will have already signed your tenancy agreement, signed your inventory and paid your first month's rent and deposit.

  • There’s an urgent repair issue in my property, how can I contact Ultralets?

    If the issue in your home relates to; security, heating, hot water or a severe leak we would need you to contact us via our Whatsapp contact numbers which can be found on the contact page. We would encourage any non-urgent issues to be reported through our report a repair page.

  • I’d like to add a new partner, friend or relative to my tenancy agreement is that easily done?

    We’d need to know all about that person. They would need to apply for the property in the same way you did. We would then run it past your landlord. Once we have their approval there is a £48.00 charge to draw up a new agreement with both yours and their name on.

  • If I have a complaint about a neighbour, can Ultralets help me?

    We will always do everything we can to help resolve a neighbour issue however we are limited in what we can do. We would recommend contacting the environmental health department of your local authority if the problem persists.

  • Can I move the date I pay my rent?

    In most cases, this can be done but you will need to cover the shortfall of your payment. For example; if you currently pay on the 20th of the month we can move it back to the 27th of the month but you would need to pay an extra week’s rent.

  • What is a right-to-rent check and what do I need to do to for it?

    Landlords and agents are required by law to check the immigration status of all tenants and occupiers of the property prior to moving in. Once your application has been accepted, you’ll be required to bring your photographic ID to our office so that our team can carry out the right-to-rent checks. 

  • How often will Ultralets be inspecting my home?

    This can vary but we typically inspect your property every 6 months. We try to be as unintrusive as we can but we need to ensure the landlord's property is being well looked after and ensure that your property doesn’t have any issues which may get worse over time. An inspection is usually under 10 minutes and gives you an opportunity to ask our team any questions about your tenancy or report any issues to us.

  • If I decide to leave how much notice do I need to give?

    As per your tenancy agreement, you will need to give us 30 days written notice in writing. This must be done via email, letter or written and submitted through our office. The 30 days start from the day we receive the notice in writing. You will be sent an advice sheet via email detailing how your property should be left and when we will be attending to carry out the exit inspection.

  • What are the all the charges to tenants and landlords when working with Ultralets?

    Every agent should publish a schedule of their charges to tenants and landlords by law. Request our terms of business to find out more.

  • When I move out of my property what could be deducted from my deposit?

    We've written a really handy blog post on this topic explaining in detail how you need to leave your property when you vacate. Read it here.

  • I haven't viewed a property, can I still apply?

    No, we require all of our potential renters to have viewed the property they are applying for. By viewing the property you can ensure that you are happy with everything and that there are no surprises when it comes to move-in day.

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    Tatenda M

    Ultralets are absolutely professional in all their interactions. from the house viewing to the documentation and feedback. I first met Raj who was really helpful in showing me around the house and telling me why the house is great even though I have already liked the house from the pictures. Unlike some agents that will tell you to look around by yourselves.

    Olayanju B

    Really professional service from start to finish. Prompt replies, excellent communication, responsive and friendly staff. Process was fast, easy and without issues. Really looking forward to settling in our new home. Thank you

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    Jack was spot on with the insurance explanation, got the best deal with full transparency. This was following a smooth letting process. Highly recommend for letting and insurance

    Nicolas M

    Really professional service from start to finish. Prompt replies, excellent communication, responsive and friendly staff. Process was fast, easy and without issues. Really looking forward to settling in our new home. Thank you

    Sam N

    Amazing staff, and fantastic agents. Sophie was very helpful and professional with my application. Thank you.

    Jack R

    Excellent and quick communication throughout. I couldn't fault the staff, both in-person and online. We raised some small issues with the property that they took seriously and proactively, and were extremely diligent at both keeping us informed and requesting any needed information. I can't recommend enough a company to let with more than Ultralets.

    Hal S

    Was very kind and understanding and patient from Sophie I contacted ultra let as they advertised a property for sale I rang them asking if the vendor would consider to rent the property they asked the landlord and we had our application excepted today really excited just waiting on moving in date.

    Carey R

    Best estate agents I've dealt with so far, responses to emails within a few minutes, extremely efficient and professional with easy process to rent all completed within a few days. Sophie helped us through the process and was great.

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    The whole process from start to finish with Ultralets has been amazing. Fantastic communication throughout with a speedy turn around and easy application process. Couldn't recommend them more for anyone looking to rent a property!

    Jazz H

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