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What does an Ultralets landlord statement look like?

26 Jan 2021

In a nutshell; clean, simple, not over complicated, all on one page.

We have recently introduced our own bespoke software to handle all the financial elements associated with managing our client's property. The priority for the developer was to produce a Landlord statement that is both concise and gives all the relevant information that you would expect from an agent. If we have succeeded then the whole statement should be self-explanatory.

This statement is uploaded to the secure client portal on the last working day of the month along with any associated invoices. Payments are made to clients on the same day and an email prompting them to log in and view their statement is automatically generated.

We are keen to know if there is any way that we can improve our statements without compromising the concise and easy-to-read objective - Any ideas will be welcomed.

Thinking of working with us? see landlord services for more information.

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