Area guide: Victoria Dock ⛵️

11 Dec 2023

Victoria Dock is one of the most popular areas for renting, buying and investing. But did you know that Victoria Dock in Hull was once deep beneath the waves, a thousand years ago? Dive into the past with us as we explore Victoria Dock in all its glory 🌊
History of the port:
Victoria Dock, the first dock built east of the River Hull, opened in July 1850. The Earle Brothers shipyard was built on Victoria Dock in 1851, where they launched their first ship, "Dido," in 1853. They continued to launch ships from their yard until it closed in 1931. Victoria Dock ceased operation in 1970 and remained unused until 1987 when Hull City Council purchased it. Bellway began the development of Victoria Dock Village in 1988, which included laying the groundwork. The primary school was built in 1999 and became the first Private Finance Initiative School in the United Kingdom. This area is full of rich history which you can read up on here.
Investing in the area:
In 2023, our Investment Specialist Liam worked his magic, selling six homes on Victoria Dock, with another gem still up for grabs on our website. Why the fuss? Well, with an average home price of £181,611* and how close Victoria Dock is to Hull City Centre, A63 and other local amenities, it is a growing area for tenants to want to move and landlords to want to invest. Research more on house prices for Victoria Dock here.
Street names:
It doesn't stop there as the history of Victoria Dock lives on to this day in the street names. They may seem like normal street names however a majority of street names on Victoria Dock are named after Hull's historic boating history, from boat suppliers at Chandlers Court to the river goddess at Sequana Court.
Here are some properties we've had to let in the area?👇
Whether you are planning on investing in the area or just looking to move, Victoria Dock is an amazing area full of rich history that lives on to this day! Get in touch with us to find out more on 📲 01482 562 562.

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