What could I be charged for when I leave an Ultralets property?

21 Feb 2020

Before you move into your new home or even submit an application you need to be aware of what you may be charged for when you eventually move out. 

Part of renting with us means you will pay a 5-week deposit which is held in the government custodial scheme, the DPS, throughout your tenancy. We will always aim to return the deposit back in full when you leave however we are very thorough when it comes to exit inspections. We pride ourselves on the condition in which you take your property on so we expect the same high standards when you give us it back. 

Before you move in you will sign to approve the photographic inventory which will be carried out by one of our team. This is a crucial stage as you are agreeing to the condition of the property pre-tenancy with us. If there is anything you do not agree with you must highlight this at the outset before signing.

When you decide to leave you'll be required to give at least 30 days written notice before vacating, during this time you'll need to bring the property up to standard.

We expect..

  • All furniture (not included in the tenancy) and any rubbish must be cleared from the property along with all of your possessions.
  • Carpets will be cleaned
  • The property will be left clean
  • Any holes in walls will be filled
  • Any pre-approved painted walls will be returned to their original colour
  • Outside space must be tidy and garden de-weeded where applicable
  • Utilities must be informed you are leaving and up to date meter reads provided
  • All sets of keys should be returned, including any you may have had cut during the tenancy

Please also note should keys not be returned to us on or before the agreed date you will be charged for rent and utilities at the property until the keys are returned.

Do you have any other questions about deposits and renting with us?

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