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Simplifying the lettings process for landlords

21 May 2020

Our experience in the lettings industry has allowed us to adapt our processes and procedures over time to create a straightforward experience for both landlords and tenants. 

We certainly know our onions when it comes to looking after properties and know the Hull area like the back of our hand... right through from Acasta Way to Zetland Street. 

We don’t over complicate things. The bottom line is that landlords come to us to manage their properties to take the stress of their shoulders. We do everything we can to make working with us a breeze and take the hassle out of property management. 

Understanding landlord’s needs come naturally to us with our background in property. Here are just a few things we’ve put in place to make the letting process as simple as possible: 

Paperless approach

Something we’re really proud of is the way we use technology at Ultralets. For years we’ve been transferring from paper documentation to things like digital application forms without compromising on the quality or service we provide to customers.

Being digital allows us to be totally flexible which has been more important than ever during the Coronavirus pandemic. We just needed a few tweaks to our existing process to make it completely contactless and allow us to operate as normal throughout - you can read more about that here

Having this seamless transition allowed business to go on as usual and caused minimal distribution to landlords and tenants, keeping things simple and stress-free.

Property maintenance

We have our own dedicated repairs team ready to complete projects of all shapes and sizes. Having an in-house team means all necessary work can be made promptly and meet our quality standards.

A digital repair logging system is used for tenants to report repairs and track the progress. It’s a step by step system found on our website which can even provide helpful responses to tenants to solve problems before it reaches our office. 

Not all issues need flagging up with landlords but we make sure we get the nod if any extra expense is required to solve an issue or a specific request is being made by a tenant which might change the condition of the property.

Online rent payments 

One of the biggest pain points of privately renting out your properties is the rent collection and making sure it’s paid on time. As an agency, we have clear contracts in place from the off that outline exactly what’s required. We make it as easy as possible for tenants to pay rent with 4 different options through our website. 

There’s a fixed day each month for rental payments so it's easy to know as a landlord when to expect the rent money in. You can rest assured that our team is clued up on the latest legislation to protect all parties and help to resolve any issues should there be any. We’re always a phone call away if you need any help or guidance.

Fire across your questions 

If you’d like any more information about how we keep things simple for landlords or want to find out about how we source the right tenants for your property, ensure it doesn’t suffer from long void periods or keep your property looked after with good quality tenants then give us a call on 01482 562562 and we’ll be happy to help.

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