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How we’ve been staying productive

03 Apr 2020

Our team has been as busy as ever whilst working from home, in fact we’ve let 5 properties since social distancing measures have been put in place. 

There have been some big changes to our process recently which have been designed to maintain the health and safety of our team and customers during this difficult time. We’ve introduced video viewings, a key safe and other measures to respect social distancing requirements. Read more about our new contactless approach to lettings

In this post, we thought we’d share our team's tips and tricks for staying productive whilst working from home and what keeps them motivated:


“Routine is massively important to me. I start each morning the same as if I was heading into the office. I make sure that I’m up and dressed and at my dining room table (my makeshift desk) for 9am latest ready to go and work through my to-do list.”


“A small thing that I do that helps me to get into ‘work mode’ is putting on the same radio station that we usually listen to in the office. It’s familiar and helps to bring the office home. 

My biggest tip would be to stay in a room that’s away from the TV and any other distractions. If you’re working from your sofa then it’s a slippery slope to just flicking on the TV in the background then ending up glued to a 12-part Netflix series and achieving nothing all day.”


“For me having an organised work space and good communication with my colleagues is key when working from home. I’ve set up my laptop, notebook and work phone in my home office and I’m always ready to help tenants / landlords with whatever they need and can easily keep an open line of communication with the rest of our team.

The contactless approach we now have has been so helpful for potential tenants and landlords. Being able to view properties via our new video walkthrough viewings alongside our already paperless and contactless application process has been crucial making sure this difficult time is that little bit easier for all parties.”


“The way our team has rallied round and got to grips with our new contactless lettings process is seriously impressive. We had to be reactive to the changing situation and managed to put in place new procedures in record timing. 

The minimal glitches are a credit to our team and their positive attitude towards working from home has been outstanding. I’ve always been proud of our team, now even more so than ever before.

My tip for staying productive at home is to set yourself mini tasks each day and outline what you want to achieve over a certain timeframe. Don’t underestimate how important having clear daily goals are to your productivity. 

For the past 5 years we’ve been focusing on developing a paperless approach to lettings. We wanted to make it as simple as possible for our customers to sign documents, pay online, apply for properties and more which is why we knew digital had to be the way forward. 

Having a lot of our processes contactless already gave us a massive head start to transforming our full lettings process into a completely contactless flow. We know this is a tricky time for landlords and tenants alike so we’re pleased to be able to offer a fuss free approach to keep business running as normal for them.”Start your property search today or get in touch if you have a property you’d like us to manage.

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