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Casual landlords may not be able to evict their tenants

08 Jun 2018

Attention landlords! It’s now more important than ever to ensure your have your paperwork in order at the outset of your tenancy. You need to obtain signed proof that you have given your tenants this information.


It has become the landlord’s responsibility to ensure their tenants are made aware of their rights and responsibilities prior to agreeing to the tenancy.

We have put together a list of the documents you must give the tenant.

  1. A completed tenancy agreement

  2. An in date gas safety certificate or building regs certificate (if your boiler is new)

  3. An in date Energy Performance Certificate (This was introduced in 2007 and the certificates last 10 years meaning a lot are now due for renewal for more details click here)

  4. How to rent: The brochure checklist for renting in england v. Feb 2016

  5. Smoke alarms have been fitted on every floor. We recommend lithium battery ones in residential houses but interlinked wired in blocks of flats.

  6. Confirmation that carbon monoxide alarms are fitted in every room with a solid fuel burning source and that they have been checked and are in working order at the outset of the tenancy.

  7. Confirmation that right to rent checks were performed for all occupiers before starting the tenancy

  8. Confirmation that the deposit has been protected if already paid.

  9. Confirmation that the prescribed information for the deposit scheme has been provided.

If it comes to it and you need to get possession of your property back in 8 weeks, your solicitor will ask for proof of all of the above. Use this list to make your own checklist and tick them off. It is then vital that the tenant signs that sheet as proof you have done the job properly.

Or of course work with a competent letting agent who will do all of the above for you!

Give us a call if you have any questions!

Author: Spencer Wood

**Please note this list may change but is correct as of the date this article is published.


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