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Now is the time to check your EPCs

18 Feb 2018

Energy Performance Certificates were first introduced in 2007 and they last 10 years - which means now is the perfect time to make sure you have an up to date certificate for your rental properties!

These certificates are used to determine the energy efficiency of a property and they give a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient).

Suggestions may also be included on a property’s EPC on how to improve the rating. It’s the landlords responsibility to make sure that firstly, your property has an EPC, and secondly, has a decent rating.

Keep in mind that from April 2018, rental properties must have a minimum EPC rating of E. We’d advise you to seek an expert’s opinion on how to increase the rating of your rental property before that comes into play.

So dig out your old EPC as soon as you can and if necessary, book in a new one. If you can’t find a copy (and you’re in England or Wales) then you may be able to access it online using the EPC register website.

Not sure if your property needs an EPC? This list gives you the lowdown: 

- An individual house (a self contained property with its own kitchen/bathroom facilities) needs an EPC.
- Self contained flats (each behind its own front door with its own kitchen/bathroom facilities) needs an EPC per flat.
-Bedsits or room lets where there is a shared kitchen, toilet and/or bathroom (a property where each room has its own tenancy agreement) do not need an EPC.
- Shared flats/houses (letting of a whole flat or house to students/young professionals etc on a single tenancy agreement) needs an EPC for the whole house.
- Mixed self contained and non self contained accommodation needs an EPC for each self contained flat/unit but no EPC for the remainder of the property.
- A room in a hall of residence or hostel does not need an EPC.

If you hany any more questions about EPCs then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our contact number is 01482 562562 and we’re in the office weekdays from 9am - 5pm.

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