When a sale doesn't go quite to plan...

10 Feb 2022

Cranbourne Street... an example of when it doesn't always go to plan, we had a sale agreed on this property at the start of the year but due to the unexpected bill for the lease renewal, the buyer had to pull out. These things happen, and if anything it was a great opportunity to remember the importance of being adaptable in this industry, and we are nothing if not persistent.
So, we took a step back from the situation to reassess and re-evaluate how this deal could work for someone with more capital to be able to accommodate the lease renewal. We packaged up a new deal, sent it to our investment market and BOOM, we had an immediate interest. We now have a sale agreed on this property again and a very happy buyer and seller.
So what have we learned from this? It might not always go to plan. In an ideal world, we put together a great deal for our buyers, the purchase goes through without a hiccup and all parties walk away satisfied. In reality, this might not happen 100% of the time and it is important to remember that this industry is subject to volatility and things can pop up at the last minute that throws a deal into chaos. That doesn't mean we should give up though, if anything it should act as a learning opportunity to see what could have been done differently, what could have been preempted or even just a chance to reassess our client's needs and wants to find opportunities for better deals.
What we are saying is that we are people helping people and if a deal doesn't work out on the first go, we are still the same people trying to help. We will keep working to get you to your portfolio goals as long as you allow us. If the market knocks us down, we will brush ourselves off and jump right back in.

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