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What happens if a tenant wants to move out before the end of their tenancy agreement?

07 May 2019

At the start of a tenancy, an agreement is signed by the tenant and landlord to the agreement the time period which the tenant will occupy the property which is usually a six month period. This blog post explores what happens if a tenant wants to leave before the end of their agreement …

Does the tenant have to pay up until the end of their contract?

In short, yes. A tenancy agreement is a legal document signed by both parties to agree that the tenant will pay their rent until the end of their contract (along with other terms too). A tenant will always have to pay until the time frame agreed.

We have a thorough application process where we filter out applicants who aren’t a good fit for the property so it’s very unusual for somebody to want to move out before those six months are up.

What happens if a tenant isn’t happy with the property they’ve moved into?

There can be teething problems with tenants settling into a new property - they may be working out their finances or discover an issue with the property. We’ll work with both parties as the middleman to resolve any bumps in the road and ensure everyone is happy.

We have a maintenance team who can quickly and efficiently resolve any issues with the property to bring it up to a lettable standard before a tenant moves in so there is as little disturbance as possible for the tenant.

What happens after their tenancy agreement is over?

Another tenancy agreement can be signed - sometimes this is for 6 months, other times it’s for a year. We’ll work with both parties to ensure it’s a length they’re both comfortable with. It may be that the tenant doesn’t want to sign up for another fixed amount of time so in that case, it moves into a monthly rolling contract where the tenant must give more than one months notice if they wish to leave.

What happens if the landlord wants to evict the tenant?

A landlord must adhere to the terms set in the tenancy agreement and after that, they must give two months notice to the tenant through a section 21 notice. For instance when a tenant has fallen into arrears the landlord can serve a section 8 notice and gain possession much quicker.  Our team are highly clued up with all the legislation on eviction notices and we work in line with the RLA so if you have any questions about the eviction process please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01482 562562.

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