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29 Jul 2020

We've managed Vanessa's investments for almost 10 years now and over the last few we've helped her liquidate some of her assets. She sat down with us to talk through her journey.

How and why did you get into property investment?

I got into the property investment side of life as part of a re-distribution of our family business, I initially chose the property part of the business to focus on as it would suit my lifestyle more, but I quickly found I enjoyed it a great deal and moved it forward to include a residential portfolio as well as the few commercial ones that I started out with.

What are your plans with your portfolio going forward buying or selling?

Going forward I’m hoping to sell a few of the residential ones with a view to taking more time off as I head towards retirement, but am also currently looking for a small commercial unit to operate an entirely new business from, which will keep me busy for the time being. I'm sure the Ultralets team will find me a suitable unit to buy or lease. 

Have you sold investments through Ultralets in the past?

Yes several and bought some too. A couple of years ago I sold a portfolio of 4 properties across West Hull and Hessle in one transaction, Spencer was instrumental in finding the buyer and making sure the deal got over the line. It was quite a simple process for me really and I maintained a rental income on all four properties right up until completion. Ultralets even calculated and apportioned the rental payments between me and the buyer when the sale went through. 

Do you find Ultralets to be a reliable 2nd opinion on investments?

Yes on residential property investments I’d always ask their opinion. It’s always worthwhile to consult as many landlords and agents as you can to get a balanced understanding of the property you are buying. Ultralets manage my portfolio too so when they tell me what rental income I can achieve on a property they know they’ll have to back it up!

Thank you Vanessa.

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