Understanding and setting your Works Authorisation Limits

27 Jan 2022

We are in the process of streamlining the works systems to ensure we are working at peak efficiency which in effect will also minimise interruptions to your day-to-day activities.
The FixFlo system, which we use to receive, allocate and monitor: repairs, maintenance and refurbishments, gives the ability to set Works Authorisation Limits (WAL from here on). This limit is a set monetary value for repairs and maintenance works that we are allowed to instruct and carry out without needing to come to you for authorisation. Please note: You will always be notified of any works that are to be carried out, regardless of value, but the WAL cap means that we can go ahead and complete the works up to that value.
We believe that the trust we have built should give you confidence in the judgement of our Works Team to only act in your best interest and only carry out necessary works without direct authorisation from yourself. We see this as a benefit for you, our clients as it will minimise any impact on your day if we aren't chasing you for approval. This will also help to ensure that small repairs and maintenance issues can be rectified as quickly as possible to keep your tenants happy.
We do understand, however, that you may want to be consulted on every action taken on your property. After all, it is yours and you may want to know what is happening and when - and to also have your say as to whether or not it does happen. WALs are optional, and we can set them to £0.00 which would mean that we get direct authorisation from you, before taking any action.
Finally, you also have the option to set specific WALs on specific properties.
Let's say you have a portfolio of 4 properties:
1 Ultra Road: Works Authorisation Limit - £200.00
2 Ultra Street: Works Authorisation Limit - £400.00
3 Ultra Avenue: Works Authorisation Limit - £100.00
4 Ultra Close: Works Authorisation Limit - £0.00 (Come to me before any action)
This allows you to have flexibility over which properties we are allowed to proceed with works in, and what properties you want to be consulted before any action is taken.
If you know that you already have a Works Authorisation Limit set up, then feel free to disregard this, unless you would like to request a change. If you are new to this concept and would like to set a limit for your property(ies) then please get in touch with our Works Team:
Tel: 01482 562 562
Email: jack@ultralets.co.uk

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