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Top tips for staying warm & cosy at home over winter

26 Oct 2018

With the colder months round the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you can transform your home into a cosy space for you and your family to enjoy. It may seem like the easy option to just ramp up the heating at this time of year, but this can become costly. Did you know that reducing your thermostat by just 1 degree can save around £75 each year?

This blog post will share with you some of our top tips on how to stay warm and cosy at home without turning up that heating ...

Warm up your decor

Introduce some new soft furnishings to your home to create a warm and cosy vibe. There are many options to consider but here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Create warmth underfoot with rugs that will reduce the chill from wooden and laminate floors. With plenty of styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right design to compliment your decor.

Lighting can have a massive impact on the atmosphere of a room. Use soft lighting and candles to create a cosy feel. The twinkle of Christmas fairy lights also help to warm up a space, it won’t be long until trees start popping up! Our advice is to opt for a warm white fairy light rather than a cooler bright white / blue-toned version.

Plenty of scatter cushions also add to the effect of a cosy room and can draw it in, making it feel like a more relaxing place to lounge and enjoy your favourite festive films.

Keep the draughts off

It may seem like a simple one, but trying to remove any draughts from your home will keep your home nice and warm. Focus on areas such as windows and doors and introduce thick curtains to block out draughts. You can also buy draught excluders for your doors to stop heat escaping and cold air entering the room you’re in.

Another idea which can also be a nice decorative addition is a blanket box for your living room. If you feel a slight draught, you can cosy up with a TV blanket and kick back and relax.

How to stay warm

Wrapping up in winter isn’t just for when you’re outside! It’s a lot more cost effective to throw on your favourite dressing gown / hoody / onesie to warm up rather than popping on the heating. Whatever your style, layering up inside is always a sensible option.

Hot drinks and meals will also help to keep you feeling warm and cosy. Make warming homely meals like stews and casseroles and enjoy your favourite hot beverages. We can’t wait to start drinking hot chocolates and gingerbread lattes!

Our final tip is to keep warm in bed with either a hot water bottle or electric blanket. You could also switch to a higher dog duvet for that extra cosy touch.

Are you looking for a new home this winter? Head over to the to let section of our website to see the homes we have available.

Concerned about mould appearing over the winter? A warm, well-ventilated house can help to keep to mould away. We’ve shared an article with simple ways to keep your home mould-free for more information, read the post here.  

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