Tiny tool, big impact: How hygrometers save landlords £££

20 Feb 2024

Landlords have a responsibility to provide safe and healthy living environments for their tenants. Damp and mould growth poses a significant challenge, not only causing property damage but also potentially impacting tenant health. Fortunately, a simple and cost-effective tool can help identify these issues early on: the hygrometer.
What is a hygrometer?
This handy device measures the humidity level in the air. Excessive humidity creates a breeding ground for mould and mildew, which can lead to unpleasant odours, respiratory problems, and even structural damage.
How hygrometers save landlords money:
Here's how a hygrometer can be a valuable asset for landlords:
  • Early detection: By regularly monitoring humidity levels, landlords can identify potential problems before they escalate. Catching damp and mould issues early means less expensive repairs and reduced risk of tenant disputes.
  • Evidence for environmental health cases: As in our recent case, hygrometer readings can provide concrete evidence that a tenant's actions, such as inadequate ventilation, might be contributing to the problem. This can help resolve disputes and potentially avoid hefty fines from environmental health authorities.
  • Promoting preventative maintenance: Regular monitoring with a hygrometer allows landlords to proactively address potential issues before they become serious. This can involve recommending improved ventilation strategies, suggesting dehumidifiers for specific areas, or scheduling professional inspections.
While providing a safe living environment is paramount, hygrometers offer a cost-effective way to protect your investment and avoid costly repairs. By actively monitoring humidity levels and taking preventative measures, landlords can ensure the well-being of their tenants while safeguarding their property.
While traditional hygrometers are a fantastic tool, the major downside is their analogue nature. To read a traditional hygrometer you need to be there, in the room, with the hygrometer. That isn't ideal if we have multiple properties we are actively monitoring, that's why we're actively investigating the feasibility of rolling out digital, Wi-Fi, hygrometers. This innovative technology would allow us to remotely monitor moisture levels in properties, ensuring prompt action can be taken if levels reach undesirable levels through the use of notifications and alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded.
We're excited about the potential of this advancement and will keep you updated on its availability. In the meantime, traditional hygrometers remain a valuable tool for creating a safe and healthy future for both landlords and tenants.
If you have any questions about how these tools have helped save our landlords already, or if you'd like to talk to our Works Team about your maintenance questions or concerns, give us a call or email our Works Manager, Jack, at jack.shelley@ultralets.co.uk ✉️

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