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28 Feb 2022

Here at Ultralets, we want to make our tenants' lives as easy as possible. We know that sometimes, issues may arise in properties that need urgent attention from our in-house Maintenance Team.
We have seen from other systems, that if a tenant has to report maintenance issues through email or via the phone it can be slow and has the potential for details missed.
We use a service called FixFlo that all of our tenants and landlords can access. This allows our clients to have a 24/7 issue-reporting channel to ensure everything is recorded quickly and in a detailed manner. Now, let's say that I live in a property that has just lost hot water, only cold water from the tap and the radiators are cold - upon checking the boiler it doesn't seem to be working right. From our website I would head to 'Report a repair' and be greeted by this screen (it might look overwhelming, but don't worry it's easy):
Here you will find categories that cover all most any issue you could think of. I will select the heating/boiler option as the best category to fit my issue. I'm then presented with more in-depth options to help the system narrow down my issue to be the most precise report, to help our Works Team respond effectively.
I have an electric boiler - so I will select the 'Electric Boiler or Heater' option and then select 'Electric Boiler' on the next screen and then proceed to click 'Boiler not working'.
Now, here's where this system gets smart. On this next screen, in certain circumstances, you may be automatically directed to an instructional, do-it-yourself video that could help you resolve the issue yourself if it is a common fault that has a possible DIY fix. Otherwise, you will continue to submit the report by filling in your details, and the details of the fault.
If the video fixes my issue, that's great - all done. If the issue still persists then I can continue the issue report, entering my personal details and the details of the fault. The report will then be sent to our Works Team for review, allocated to one of our Maintenance Engineers and a date arranged to complete any necessary repairs.
This system works for almost any fault that could arise during a tenancy, but if you do get that 1-in-1000 fault or you can't figure out which category best fits your issue, you can always contact our Maintenance Team directly by calling 01482 562 562.
Hopefully, this helps clear up any mystery there might have been regarding the where's and how's of issue reporting with Ultralets.

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