Proof that our technology is saving our landlords money

20 May 2021

Our technology is keeping our tenants happy and saving our landlords money. Let me show you how.

All of our tenant’s repair issues are reported through our web-based reporting system ‘Fixflo’.

Fixflo allows us to insert ‘Guidance and advice pop-ups' within the system to show tenants how to either, fix an issue themselves or highlight that the issue is their responsibility to resolve.

Not only does this save Ultralets time on the phone explaining a tenant's responsibilities to them but it can also save you money.

For example, boiler pressure.

A tenant can experience a loss of boiler pressure which can affect their entire heating system and cause it to malfunction. Topping up the pressure is a fairly simple job, which most will know how to do, however in the event of a tenant not knowing, it would have previously resulted in a call out probably by a gas engineer to find the issue. A very costly solution.

So how does our system prevent this? 

When the tenant logs in to our reporting software and begins to explain the issue to the software, it automatically brings us a video explaining to the tenant how to top the pressure up. This is just one example, there are many similar issues that can be resolved.

Does it work though?

We checked the statistics for the first time today and the results were very interesting. Let's take a look at this week in April 2021 to highlight just how effective this system is. Look at the statistics of people starting to report issues to us who find solutions which then result in the issue not being reported in full. 

If a tenant attempts to self-fix their issue and isn’t successful they are still able to bypass this and report the problem to us like normal. We’re working hard to add more and more system advice to keep reducing the numbers of issues reported which could be prevented. Do you have any ideas on the information our tenants could benefit from at the reporting stage of a repair? Let us know

Take a look at fixflo 

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