Liam Dunn is investing young to secure his future

20 May 2021

Liam is a young, hungry investor looking to build his property portfolio and help others do the same. We asked Liam a few questions about his experiences so far and why he's looking to help others in the future:

What got you into property?

I got into property to take control of my finances and become more financially secure. I had managed to save a good amount of money from my day job and was looking at the various ways that I could invest my savings. Whilst there are a lot of options out there, I struggled to find a more secure and rewarding way than to invest in property. I liked the idea of starting my journey with a small portfolio, which would gradually build over time until I reached a point where my financial future would be secure, managed, and influenced by my own decisions.

The enjoyment and satisfaction I get is also a big factor. My first rental property was a small 2-bed single let in need of a light refurb, however turning a tired house into a fresh, clean home was incredibly satisfying.  I’m keen to expand my knowledge in property and the prospect of larger refurbs and potential developments are things I would love to do.

Why did you choose Ultralets?

For me, it was pretty easy. Whilst I was renovating my first rental property, I spoke with several letting agents to see what they offered and how I felt about the companies themselves. When I called Spencer he offered to come down to the property out of hours to have a chat about what Ultralets had to offer and to give a rough rental price. What set him apart from the others was his almost overly honest approach. He spoke about what Ultralets can offer, but also suggested I speak to other agents and to ultimately choose the agent I felt like I could trust the most, along with giving me some friendly advice on property investing in general. I really don’t like a hard sell and his approach filled me with confidence and put my mind at ease.

What is your experience with Ultralets so far?

To put it simply - easy! Prior to the property being let, Spencer and the team were there to guide me through the process and helped me with any questions and queries I had. It really took all the hassle out of ensuring my property was to a fit and proper standard and that all relevant paperwork was in check.

Finding tenants was also an easy experience. UltraLets conducted all viewings and helped choose suitable tenants.

Now that the property is let, it’s like I don’t own a property at all! For me that’s the sign of a great agent as they take care of everything for me whilst keeping me up to date with monthly updates. Not to mention the online portal, which records all repairs and rental statements.  The online portal is easily accessible and contains all the information I need in a concise and simple format. Having the confidence I do in Ultralets allows me to be 100% comfortable with the hands-off experience they allow me to have

What’s next?

I want to continue growing my property portfolio, but I am also interested in helping others to invest in property.  This inspired me to set up my property deal sourcing company, LJD Sourcing Ltd. I noticed when buying my first rental property, how much of a goldmine Hull is in terms of return on investment when compared to the majority of other areas nationally. I also saw estate agents advertising ‘great’ investment opportunities boasting a 7% ROI when in fact I have been finding some deals closer to 20-25% myself. I’d love to purchase these properties but like many at the start of their investment journey, accruing the capital to do so can take longer than desired

So I thought why not find these deals and sell them to investors that may not have the time, are burdened by geography or simply want all of the hassle of finding a property taken swiftly away from them? It’s a way of increasing my own revenue but also helping other landlords, whether that be someone looking to start out in property or a seasoned investor looking to expand their existing portfolio.

Where can people find out more?

You can receive exclusive deals if you sign up to my mailing list at For any questions and queries you can contact me at and you can follow on various socials including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn under LJDSourcing.


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