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Latest information around covid evictions

13 Jan 2021

The laws around your property and the management of it are changing constantly at the moment in the midst of this pandemic. I thought id just break down the latest changes to evictions and notices as briefly as I possibly can.

  1. If I serve a section 21 notice today, when will it expire?

From 29 August 2020, a Section 21 notice must give tenants at least 6 months' notice of the fact that the landlord requires possession. This will be the case until further notice.

  1. Enforcing section 21 notices when it expires

Where a landlord gives a tenant a valid Section 21 notice after 29 August 2020, the notice will now remain valid and enforceable for an extended period:

  • 10 months from the date it is given to the tenant; or 
  • 4 months from the date specified in the notice as the date after which possession is required.

Ultralets always keep very close tabs on tenants after notices are served as they often decide to vacate before the notice expires without telling the landlord. 

  1. What is the eviction ban?

In November, the government placed a pause on eviction enforcement in England and Wales. This meant that bailiffs were banned from repossessing properties over the Christmas period, apart from in the most extreme circumstances. These included instances of rent arrears of nine months’ or longer, illegal occupation, anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse. 

The ban was set to end on Monday just gone (11th January), but has now been extended until 21st February in England. 

Yesterday, the Scottish government extended its own ban (which was due to end on 22 January) until 31 March. There’s a trend of England and Wales following Scotland a few days later for some reason?..

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