Landlords and letting agents: Working together, not against each other

03 May 2024

Renting out a property can be a fantastic way to generate income and build wealth. But navigating the world of tenants, legalities, and property management can feel daunting. Here's where a good letting agent becomes more than just a middleman; they become your teammate in ensuring a smooth rental experience.
Common challenges:
Landlords and letting agents share the same goal: a successful, long-lasting and hassle-free tenancy. This means working together to address common challenges that can arise, such as:
  • Non-payment of rent: Late or missed rent payments can be a significant concern for landlords. We have experience in implementing rent collection strategies and dealing with arrears effectively. We provide clear communication and follow-up procedures to minimise financial risks for you.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Unexpected maintenance issues are a reality of property ownership. Many letting agents often have established relationships with reliable contractors, ensuring prompt and professional repairs without the burden of finding them yourself. At Ultralets, we've gone one step further and built an in-house team around this, providing reliable and reputable support with property repairs and maintenance. We also conduct regular inspections, identifying potential problems early on to prevent bigger issues down the line.
  • Access issues: Gaining access to the property for inspections or repairs can be a point of contention. We can facilitate communication with tenants and ensure access is granted according to the tenancy agreement, reducing unnecessary friction.
  • Serving notices: Serving legal notices for rent increases, tenancy terminations, or other reasons requires following specific procedures in line with legislation (which is an ever-changing landscape). With our legal and legislative knowledge, we can ensure notices are served correctly, protecting your rights and avoiding potential legal complications.
A strong working relationship between a landlord and a letting agent is built on open communication. Regular updates on property inspections, tenant communication, and any arising issues create a sense of transparency and trust. The agent acts as a bridge, relaying information and facilitating solutions that benefit both parties.
We can offer additional support beyond just handling day-to-day tasks. Our market expertise can be invaluable in setting competitive rents, understanding tenant expectations, and staying informed about relevant legislation. By viewing your letting agent, like ourselves, as a teammate, not just a service provider, you can unlock a wealth of experience and knowledge. Together, we can create a successful and stress-free rental experience for both you and your tenants.
If you'd like to understand more about our full property management, you can speak with our Lettings Manager, Jake, by calling or emailing him.

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