Investors successfully connected: 16 flats sold in a single transaction 🤝

29 Jan 2024

Selling your investment property can be a stressful and time-consuming ordeal. Endless viewings, flaky buyers, and drawn-out negotiations can leave even the most seasoned landlord feeling frazzled, especially if you’re looking to offload multiple units at the same time. But what if there was a better way?

A case for streamlined sales

That's exactly what a landlord, with 16 tenanted flats in East Hull, discovered when they turned to Ultralets and its exclusive Investment Network. After experiencing the laborious process of selling individual properties one by one on the market. Years could have passed before they were able to market, find buyers and complete sales on 16 individual units. They were looking for a faster, more efficient solution. 

Where do you go from here? Most people turn to the major portals - a larger platform means more exposure, right? Well yes, but they also expose you to a lot more time-wasters, tyre-kickers that beat around the bush or never show up to viewings, ultimately leaving you back at square one but with a few extra days or weeks you’ll never get back.

Enter the Ultralets Investment Network…

Ultralets' network connects vetted, motivated investors with high-quality investment opportunities. This personalised approach eliminates the need for open market chaos, ensuring deals are tailored to fit both the buyer's goals and the seller's needs.

We identified a buyer seeking to invest a significant sum in the area into a single, income-generating property. Within two months an interested, serious buyer was found, and a deal was struck for just shy of 7 figures, all done and dusted in under six months, leaving both buyer and seller delighted with the outcome.

A win-win for both parties

What made this sale so successful? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Direct seller-to-buyer deal: No need to disrupt tenancies or deal with the hassle of multiple agents
  • Vetted, qualified buyers: Reduced risk of fall-throughs with buyers pre-approved and ready to invest
  • Investor-focused opportunities: Properties carefully chosen to match specific investment goals and generate ideal returns
  • Faster transactions: Streamlined process eliminates unnecessary delays, speeding up the entire sale
  • Transparent communication: Clear, factual property descriptions without "sales fluff" allow investors to make informed decisions quickly

For the buyer in this case, the benefits were clear and compelling:

They were able to avoid the time-consuming hassle of multiple smaller deals and invest a significant sum in one streamlined transaction. This also meant all tenanted properties started generating income from the moment the sale was completed, maximising their return on investment. 

Additionally, the property's location in a highly regarded area and our thorough compliance checks – including EPCs and ASTs – ensured peace of mind and a smooth transition. But the advantages went beyond just the property itself. 

Our transparent approach, providing clear figures breakdowns and eliminating unnecessary marketing fluff, empowered the buyer to make an informed decision quickly and confidently. This focus on investor needs is what sets our network apart, making it the smarter way to invest in high-quality properties.

For the seller, the advantages of using Ultralets' network weren't just financial:

Sure, finding a buyer for a portfolio of 16 flats in over 2 months and fetching a satisfactory price is a big win in itself. But the real value came from the peace of mind and streamlined process. Selling through our Investment Network meant avoiding the open market frenzy and securing a trusted buyer, minimising the risk of fall-throughs – a particular concern after previous disappointments.

Additionally, when the task of selling the property fell to Ultralets, it never hit Rightmove, ensuring a discreet transaction tailored to serious investors. Having just one point of contact with Liam throughout the sale further simplified the process, eliminating the stress of managing multiple agents or losing contextual continuity between individuals. 

Ultimately, Ultralets provided a quick, secure, and hassle-free way to step away from this investment on their terms.

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