How tenants can report repairs using FixFlo 🛠️

22 Nov 2023

All tenants deserve a comfortable and safe place to live and we strive to provide the best possible living experience. From time to time, even the highest-spec properties can experience issues that require urgent or ongoing maintenance attention, and that's where Fixflo comes in.
Fixflo is our repair-reporting software that tenants have access to from day 1 of their tenancy. It can be accessed through our website and repairs can be reported quickly and easily - it's even accessible in over 40 different languages!
It collects an essential amount of detail and using the graphic-based 'fault-tree', users can visualise the problem and follow the most suitable path that relates to it. This makes sure that everything is recorded accurately, there's a log of the report and our maintenance team can take the necessary steps to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Once a problem is reported, our maintenance team is immediately notified. They can then assess the issue, arrange a solution and provide estimated timescales. For issues reported out of office hours which will require immediate attention such as a burst pipe, we do also have an emergency contact number.
This system has revolutionised the way we handle maintenance issues. It has improved our response times, eliminated unresolved problems, and increased the satisfaction of our clients. Our tenants can rest assured that any issues they experience will be addressed promptly and professionally.
Do you have any questions about Fixflo? Give us a call today on 01482 562 562 to find out more 📞 

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