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01 Mar 2022

We will now be implementing floor plans for our clients as standard, this will help make your property stand out on the market and increase the speed at which we can secure the right tenant. We have made this decision following a heightened interest, from potential tenants, for floor plans prior to applying. We believe they will play an important role in the future marketing of properties on our channels.
Properties with floor plans are more likely to be let faster, with fewer unsuccessful viewings, as OpenRent found back in 2017. With the new way of the world in the last couple of years - being able to provide absolutely as much information about a property when they first find the listing allows them to make an informed decision without the renter feeling the need to have to attend a viewing first.
A study by Rightmove found that 1 in 5 buyers and tenants said they would ignore a listing without a floor plan, only to return if nothing else caught their eye. No one wants to be at the bottom of someone's 'maybe' list. If we can secure the remaining 4 out of the 5 by providing a floor plan, we stand a great chance of securing a tenant for your property.

Starting with the basics, what is a floor plan?

It's essentially a blueprint, or a map, to your property. Potential applicants that visit our listing will quickly and easily be able to find out; how big the property is, how big the rooms are, the configuration of the rooms, the location of internal and external doors and the direction the property faces.
As you can see, one image can tell renters a HUGE amount of information about your property. This makes it possibly one of the most accurate ways to communicate all of this information to someone that may be interested in your property. When you consider that renters may be looking through hundreds of properties in a day to find the right one, we need an edge to get your property noticed and make it stick in their minds. If they spend an extra few minutes on your property listing - checking out the marketing images and the floor plan, they may form an attachment to it that increases the likelihood of an application.
This next point is for both us as your managing agent and yourself. With a clear floor plan, we may find that we get fewer time-wasters viewing the property. This will save us time by only receiving viewing requests from individuals that are sincerely interested after gathering all the information that the floor plan provides. When our time is able to be used more valuably - by reducing the time spent on dead-end viewings, we can work to get the property let to the individuals that truly want your property to be their Ultrahome. If we are able to generate higher-quality leads, you will spend less time reviewing applications that may not be right - when the time comes to let your property.

What if my property is already let?

We will only instruct a floor plan on a vacant property. For any properties that are currently occupied, we will instruct a floor plan automatically upon the property being vacated.

So how does it work?

We will be starting to instruct these floor plans for all of the vacant properties under Ultralets management with immediate effect and be will be charged at £50.00+VAT, this cost will be added to your account and charged when the property becomes let.
If you already own a floor plan for your property, please send this to us at your earliest convenience, with the property address in the subject line.
Once the floor plan has been created it will last forever (providing no major remodelling or extensions). The document will be yours and fully accessible, should you ever need it for any other purposes.
We believe this has emphasised the importance of floor plans, not only in the marketing of your property but in the time-saving and future-proofing for yourself.
For any further questions regarding this initiative, please contact us on 01482 562 562 or email

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