Follow, connect, invest: Our new closed network Instagram account

02 Apr 2024

Calling all property investors! Ready to unlock a treasure trove of exclusive investment opportunities in the dynamic market of Hull and East Yorkshire? Buckle up, because we're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Instagram account, @investwithultralets!
Why on Instagram?
Rightmove is a great platform, but what if we told you there's a whole world of lucrative investment opportunities waiting to be discovered, beyond the reach of traditional listing sites? Investagram, if that's not too cheesy, is a modern way for modern investors to connect through a modern agent.
Aren't you already on Instagram?
We are! (We also hope you're following that one too 👀) Our main Instagram account is a complete space to build an image of our brand, offer insights and tips for all clients and present our rental properties. But, we know that our investor clientele may wish to see investment opportunities in our area on there too... hence, @investwithultralets. A private account with follower approval so that we can be sure we're inviting serious investors into our network.
We're offering this unique space curated for investors seeking high-yield properties in the up-and-coming East Yorkshire region. Here's what sets us apart:
  • Exclusive listings: Gain access to off-market properties with excellent rental potential, unavailable anywhere else. We leverage our extensive network and local expertise to bring you these hidden gems.
  • In-depth insights: Access valuable analysis and property breakdowns delivered straight to your feed. Make informed decisions with expert guidance at your fingertips.
  • Investor community: Connect with fellow investors in the comments section, share strategies, and stay ahead of the curve. Build a network of like-minded individuals passionate about achieving success in the East Yorkshire market.
  • Engaging content: Dive into visually captivating content showcasing the potential of various property types and locations in Hull and East Yorkshire. See the investment opportunities come to life at the tips of your fingers!
Head over to Instagram and follow @investwithultralets to unlock exclusive investment possibilities.
Got any questions about investing in Hull & East Yorkshire? Feel free to drop Liam an email or send us a direct message on Instagram. We're here to help!

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