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Experts in reactive maintenance

28 Jul 2020

When something goes wrong our dedicated maintenance team are on hand to help. Whether that’s a faulty tap, leaking gutter, glazing replacement, pest control job, shower repair or lock change... it’s their job to fix problems our tenants may come across as soon as possible.

Quality repairs are always a priority

Not only are our team professional, approachable and organised - they’re also highly skilled. They’ve ‘been there, done that’ with years of experience and certainly know their way around a toolbox. 

Having an in-house repairs team means we don’t have to rely on third party contractors like a lot of local letting agents which can slow down the repairs process as they don’t have the same level of control as we do. We manage 375+ properties and can organise the schedules of our works teams to ensure the most urgent repairs are prioritised. 

Cost-savings to the landlord

Our costs are 100% transparent. We charge for materials and a fixed rate of £20 +VAT an hour. You’ll only be billed for the time it takes to complete the job with no minimum call out fee.

This can be a lot more cost effective than calling out a Locksmith for example. If the locks need changing they might charge a fixed cost of £150 but we only charge for the few hours it’d take.

We always attempt to contact the landlord should any reactive maintenance be required. 99% of the time we will be able to get the job confirmed. On the rare occasion that we can’t get hold of the landlord, if the repair is causing immediate damage to the property then we’ll make the call to go ahead and fix it as it’s in the best interest of the landlord.

Why do tenants prefer using a letting agent with a dedicated works team?

Feeling safe and secure in their home is key for our tenants and having a familiar face return to their home to deal with any repairs they may require is reassuring. 

Our team are a pleasure to deal with and always offer a professional service. They will arrive in uniform and a branded vehicle with an ID badge to confirm their legitimacy. 

The extra PPE and safety measures we have in place for Covid-19 ensure that tenants and our works team are protected.

Would you like access to our dedicated works team?

If you’re a landlord looking for an experienced letting agent to deal with your property repairs then you’ve come to the right place. Call us to find out about our property management services and to discover more about our repairs team: 01482 562562

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