Expecting to spend an increased time at home?

19 Mar 2020

You’re not alone. In these uncertain times, many people will need to self-isolate or are practising social distancing and working from home. 

It’s likely to be a stressful time for tenants so we wanted to put together a short guide outlining things to consider when spending an increased amount of time at home.

Keep your home ventilated properly 

Be aware that condensation can occur particularly if you’re spending more time indoors than usual. This could be down to an increased amount of cooking, boiling the kettle, breathing, showering, all sorts! If you were to breathe on a mirror you’d see it steam up, exactly the same happens in your home so it’s important to get a good airflow in place to combat condensation which can eventually turn into mould. 

Spend time keeping your property clean

Keeping on top of the housework has many benefits during this time of self-isolation. It allows you to keep busy at home and stay in a routine which can be beneficial for your mental health. It also allows you to stay safe by killing germs around the home and minimises any wear and tear on the property. Remember to follow the government advice and announcements.

What if you need to report a repair?

During your social distancing, you may encounter urgent repairs in your home. For the foreseeable future, our repairs team are active to ensure all rental properties are maintained to the best possible standard. To protect their safety and the safety of our customers we ask that all physical contact should be avoided and distance kept. Our team may wear protective items.

Urgent repairs that relate to the heating, hot water supply, security of your property or water leaks can be reported via WhatsApp (01482 562 562 or 01482 234 052). If for any reason we do not respond within 5 minutes, please call 07808 549 892. Report your non-urgent repairs via the reporting system

If you have questions about this situation then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via the usual methods. We’ll be happy to clarify anything we can for you.

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