Do rental properties need regular servicing?

06 Sep 2023

You might be wondering if you should bother? It’s extra expense and effort. But there are huge benefits when a property is fully maintained and serviced on a regular schedule for both landlords and tenants:

Tenants are provided with a nicer place to live. This makes good tenants want to stay longer and minimises the void periods for landlords.  Regular maintenance will ensure that the condition of the property doesn’t slip. There’s no denying that run down properties will lose their value.

What properties will benefit most from regular servicing?

Properties with communal areas
You may find in a block of flats that you have void periods from time to time. Kerb appeal matters when appealing to new tenants!

Properties with outdoor spaces
It’s very easy for gardens to get out of control. Tenants won’t always prioritise unblocking gutters, trimming back hedges or deweeding regularly.

When your tenant rarely reports repairs
They might not be considering the long term impact of a lack of ongoing maintenance. A lack of reporting can lead to repairs spiralling.

Need a hand with regular servicing?

Our landlords have exclusive access to our in-house maintenance team. Works Manager, Jack, can advise them what servicing would be beneficial with a suggested frequency and associated costs.

Email Jack if you’re looking for support with maintenance and interested in moving your management over to Ultralets or call him on 01482 562562.

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