Can you rent with pets?

28 Feb 2020

With many pet-owning tenants struggling to find accomodation, the government could soon force landlords to start accepting applicants with pets. However, for the time being landlords are still in control and can decide whether or not pets will be allowed in their rental properties. 

We’d say that roughly 10% of the properties we manage are owned by landlords who will consider letting pets in their properties but there are lots of different opinions on the subject. 

In this blog post we’ll explore everything you need to know about renting with pets:

Why do some landlords not allow pets in their properties?

Some animals can be destructive, noisy and smelly which causes a long list of issues for landlords. If they’ve had a bad experience with pets in previous properties then they’re less likely to allow them in another.

Why do some landlords allow pets in their properties?

As we all know, pets can bring a great deal of happiness to a home and truly be part of the family. Often landlords will recognise this (particularly if they’re a pet owner themselves) and can be flexible on allowing certain pets in their rental properties. Sometimes they might allow certain animals like those in cages / tanks but not allow dogs. Each landlord has a different preference.

Do you have to pay more if you have a pet in the property you’re renting?

It used to be the case that landlords could charge a higher deposit to cover any damage made by pets however this is no longer allowed. That being said, the rental value of the property is allowed to increase if a pet owner is occupying the property.

What should you do if you have a pet and are looking to rent?

Our biggest tip is to be open and honest if you have a pet, it’ll only cause problems further down the line if you try to hide this.  

Before you book a viewing on a property be sure to check if the property will allow pets. If you don’t do this you’ll only waste your time when your application gets rejected.

If you’ve previously had a pet in a rental property, try and get a reference from your previous landlord to support your application.

What should you do if you are renting a property with a pet?

Be sure to clean up after your pet to minimise the risk of damage and smells. We always recommend making sure you get the carpets professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy to try and protect your deposit. 

Do you have any other questions about renting with pets?

Get in touch with our friendly team on 01482 562562 and we’ll be happy to answer any further questions you might have.

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