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7 ways to transform a spare room

20 Nov 2018

It’s time to get creative! A lot of the time when people have a spare room in their home, it turns into a dumping ground, a complete waste of space. If you have a spare room, why not transform it into a useable space that you and your family can enjoy? This blog post shares some of our favourite ideas to switch it up.

#1 Library

If you’ve got tons of books then you’ll need somewhere to store them, right? Create a library for your own personal collection in your spare room. It’s a great way to display and organise your favourite reads and will be an eclectic new addition to your home. In the corner of the room, create the perfect reading area so you can hide away and get stuck into a book.

#2 A bar

If you like a few tipples, a bar could be the perfect use for your spare room. Staying in is the new going out and with your own bar at home you’ll be the talk of your friendship circle. Create a place where your nearest and dearest can come by, enjoy a drink and admire your beautiful bar. Stock up on your favourite bottles, get some comfortable seating, dark lighting and a bar with stools to complete the look.

#3 One for the workaholics

If you often have to work from home, you’ll know the dining room isn’t the most productive area to work in. With many distractions, it can be a task in itself to make a dent in your to do list. Why not create an area in your spare room where you can escape and crack on with all of your work? A home office doesn’t have to be a boring, bland space. Pack it with personal pieces and design it in both an aesthetic and practical way to inspire you and keep you productive.

#4 Workout space

Although there is an initial expense to create a home gym, in the long run it could save you money by excluding costly monthly gym fees. You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment either: think weights, medicine balls, a yoga mat etc. There’s no excuse to not work out when all the equipment you need is in the room next to you. Working out releases endorphins which triggers a happy feeling in the body so this transformation could be a really positive one ...

#5 Create an amazing dressing room

Design a place to store all of your clothes and accessories with space for a dressing table to perfect your makeup routine. You could display a capsule wardrobe on rails or invest in built-in wardrobes that offer a lot more storage space. By moving your clothes and dressing table into a spare room you’ll also find your master bedroom feels more spacious and relaxing.

#6 Home Cinema

It might sound like it’ll cost a fortune, but the essentials you need to create a home cinema are a blank wall, projector and some comfortable seating. You don’t have to go all out with reclining leather seats, just grab some beanbags! Don’t forget the popcorn machine either ;)

#7 Games room

Whatever you enjoy playing ... table football, playstation games, board games, pool … why not create a dedicated space in your spare room? You could even combine this with suggestion 2, a bar. It could be the ultimate place to hang out and relax and home doing what you love most.

So there you have it, our 7 top ways to transform your spare room. Do you have any other ideas? Let us know over on Facebook.

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