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5 reasons why landlords should avoid using Ultralets

16 Oct 2019

The below reasons outline the reasons why landlords should avoid passing their property portfolio over to our team to manage for them:

#1 If you enjoy receiving 3am calls from your tenant

Managing a property yourself means you can build up great relationships with your tenants, hearing from them morning, noon and night. If you’d miss the communication from them, then using a letting agent certainly isn’t for you. Some landlords enjoy hearing about issues from their tenants and dealing with the problems whenever they arise - even if it’s the middle of the night! Taking a step back and allowing a letting agent to deal with any issues on your behalf just gives you too much spare time to enjoy what you love! There can be too much of a good thing, right?

#2 You won’t get to meet as many new people

Each time a contractor lets you down when you manage a property yourself, you get to spend hours searching for another one and meet lots of new people! At Ultralets, we have our own maintenance department with a quality, experienced team ready to complete works on your rental property when you need them most. But where’s the fun in that? If the Yellow Pages is your best friend and you love searching through and collecting quotes then avoid Ultralets at all costs.

#3 Sundays are a great time to catch up on admin

Imagine spending your weekends with family and friends... no thank you! Sundays are all about paperwork and brushing up on property legislation. Spending your free time getting clued up on the likes of ‘referencing requirements’ and ‘right to rent searches’ is what weekends are all about. There’s so much to learn, so why would you allow a letting agent to have all the fun making sure you’re ticking all the legal boxes and running your property portfolio as smooth as possible? 

#4 Resolving problems is too straight forward

Rather than having proper contracts in place with deposits taken legally to avoid disagreements with tenants, sometimes it’s just more exciting to wing it. Surely everyone likes a bit of drama…  that’s why Coronation Street and Eastenders are so popular. The Ultralets team would just ruin it with all the processes they put in place to ensure a landlord’s property is looked after and the rent is paid on time with as little disruption as possible. 

#5 If you find nice people irritating

The Ultralets team always suggest the most fair and efficient way to resolve issues and they go above and beyond when answering landlord’s questions. Some landlords like a bit of attitude…a smile is just an upside down frown, right? If you don’t like to fully understand what’s going on with your property then give Ultralets a swerve. They’ll keep their communication clear and to the point which can be frustrating for those who like a challenge. All those 5-star reviews must be fake, surely?! I'd definitely choose one at random and ask to be put in touch with them to verify their identity if I were you.

We know that now you’ve finished reading this article, there’s very little chance you’d like to get in touch. But, if you would like a letting agent who’ll take the stress off your shoulders, provide a quality works team, take care of all the legal bits, make sure proper contracts are in place and deliver 5-star customer service then give us a call on 01482 562562.

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