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3 ways to put your own stamp on rented accommodation

28 Sep 2018

You can create a beautiful living space in rented homes without making permanent changes that would have to be approved by your landlord. This blog post explores the different ways you can make your house a home without leaving any damage that could risk you losing your deposit.

Let’s get down to it:

#1: Find those key pieces of furniture

Transform the property you’re renting into your dream home with items that add a touch of your personality to the space. When you’re in a rental property, it’s best to invest your money on items that you can pack up and take with you to your next place should you move on.

Thick vibrant rugs, plush sofas and elegant sideboards will transform even the most sparse of rooms into an elegant and sophisticated area. Whatever your style is, find furniture that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget.

Modular furniture is a great idea as it’ll fit into most spaces, is easy to move around and the open design allows you to display your prized possessions and reflect you as a person.

#2: Here’s a bright idea: lighting

There are some fantastic lamps on the high street to add a pop of colour or flash of style into your home. Whether you’re after a table lamp or signature standing lamp, shop around and discover the collections available. Consider what type of bulbs you’re using too: lower wattage will achieve a warm evening glow whereas brighter bulbs can release a fresh sense of space into a room.

#3: Create a focal point with soft furnishings

You’ll find when entering a room, your eyes immediately get drawn to soft furnishings. The way you dress a room with cushions, candles, photo frames, throws and more can make a massive difference. Accessorise to show off your interior design flair and create a stylish and homely place for you to live. A good tip for accessories is to follow is the rule of three. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to pairing together difference accessories, most good furniture websites will have an inspiration section that can help, just like IKEA.

There you have it - our top three ways to put your own stamp on rented accomodation.

Reminder: if you do ever want to paint walls or make any changes, always check where you stand with your landlord first. Keep in mind that many landlords are open to changes, especially if it improves the overall aesthetics of their properties and your changes will appeal to the mass market. Please call us for any enquiries: 01482 562562

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