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3 reasons to consider switching to an electric boiler

25 Jun 2019

Landlords, if you’re looking for alternative ways to heat a small apartment then an electric boiler could be for you! They’re becoming more and more popular. Here’s why: 

#1 Say goodbye to gas safety certificates

With a gas boiler, a check must be carried out by a qualified engineer each year to gain a gas safety certificate. By law you must provide a tenant with an up to date gas safety certificate when they move in.

If you manage your property yourself, you must keep on top of this as you could land yourself in hot water if your certificate expires. As an agent, we send reminders to our landlords to take the worry off their shoulders and will even sort the certificate out for them to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

If you have an electric boiler, this check no longer needs to be done and you can save yourself a decent chunk of money. Usually, the cost of a gas safety certificate is around £54 inc VAT each year depending on the number of gas appliances. 

#2 Save money 

You can end up forking out a lot on gas boiler repairs, especially over the winter months. Overall, electric boilers could cost less than gas boilers in maintenance and you also save on the initial cost of the boiler and installation.

A small apartment with an electric boiler is also more appealing to tenants because the running costs for them could be lower. This could result in your property being snapped up quicker with less void periods. 

#3 Small but mighty 

You might think an electric boiler won’t work as well as a gas boiler but it’s ideal for powering up to five radiators. It’s more than adequate for 1 or 2 bedroom flats depending on the size. Currently approx 5% of the properties we manage have electric boilers but this figure could dramatically increase in the coming years!

If you want to switch your gas boiler to an electric boiler then get in touch with our team and we’ll take the job off your hands: 01482 562562

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