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It typically takes 15 minutes to complete your application. We aim to give you a response to your application within 5 working days but this can sometimes take longer.

Your holding deposit is fully refunded if you are not accepted for the property. We may contact you during this process for further information. We require applicants to have viewed the property prior to applying, your application will not be considered until we can confirm that you have viewed the property. You may be subject to a credit check prior to your application being passed to the landlord.

Application checklist

You have read all information regarding how to rent and read through our 'Rental process' page

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You have all associated documents needed to apply for a home

You have details on hand of a guarantor (if required)

You have the contact details of your most recent landlord to hand

If you need assistance for the above or anything else feel free to call the office on 01482 562 562

Residential application form

Your new home

About you

Firstly, we need some information about the lead applicant. If you would like more than one person on the tenancy we can collect their details at a later stage.

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To confirm your identity and by law we require certain files to be uploaded and sent to us, please check the box of each of the required items and upload them in the upload box.

Required files and documents are marked with *

Previous landlord reference

Previous landlord references are a very important factor in your application. We need to know how to get in touch with your current landlord.

Your history

Please don't be offended, these are questions we ask everybody.

Employment details

A home-owner guarantor will significantly improve the strength of your application


Second applicant employment details

A home-owner guarantor will significantly improve the strength of your application


Home owner guarantor details

The property you are applying for may not require a guarantor but if it does your guarantor must be a homeowner. They may be subject to a credit check prior to your application being sent to the landlord. They will be required to sign a one-page contract on or before the day you move in.

If you are unsure about what a guarantor is, please contact our office to discuss. Be aware that we need the names of all people named on the deeds to the guarantor's property.

Help us

We would really appreciate a little bit of feedback, this will help us improve our service for future customers.


We require signed consent to allow us to obtain references from your employer and current/previous landlord. These references are required to process your application. Please use your finger to sign, on a touchscreen device. If you are not on a touchscreen device, or you have difficulty using the touch box, please click the box to complete an e-signature.


I consent to Ultralets contacting all applicants employers and landlords to obtain references.


Not on touchscreen? Tick this box to electronically sign.

Almost finished...

For us to begin processing your application, we need to take payment of your holding deposit. By law, if your application is declined by the landlord, your holding deposit is fully refunded. Click the button below to go through to submitting your application and paying your holding deposit.

Please read this statement in detail. It's very important.

Section 102 Housing Act 1996 allows a landlord to seek possession underground 17 in part 11 of schedule 2 where he/she has been induced to grant a tenancy by a false statement made knowingly or recklessly by a) the tenant, or b) a person acting at the tenant's instigation. In the event of withdrawal by the applicant or refusal due to misleading or inaccurate information provided, any deposit and/or administration fee will not be refunded. The information contained in this application is true and correct. I agree that any inquiries may be made to verify my suitability for the tenancy applied for. I consent to being contacted for other tenant-related services provided by Synergy Forward Limited, I understand that I can find out more information about this in the Privacy Policy. I understand that should my application be successful that I may have notice period obligations under any current tenancy agreement. I understand that should my application be successful Ultralets reserve the right to pass on your address to your new address to a previous landlord. I consent to a credit check, subject to the landlord's insurance requirements.