What is Ultralets+?

30 Dec 2021

Welcome to Ultralets+, our brand new Investment Department, we thought we would elaborate on the thought process behind the Who, the What and the Why we have taken this step. We will also go on to explain how the Investment Progression will work when joining Ultralets+ on your investment journey.


It's still us, still the same Ultralets that you know and love but instead of a focus on letting the properties that you already own, we want to help you add (+) to your portfolio. Even if you only have one, or no properties but have always had aspirations to build a portfolio of investment properties - we want to help guide you along that journey. It can be hard to know where to start when looking for opportunities, looking at comparables, viewings and assessing any repairs or refurbishments.
But wait, even if you are an established landlord, circumstances may have changed and you could be looking to downsize your portfolio. Don't worry we are here to help meet your portfolio goals, be it increasing or decreasing size.
With Dave in the driver's seat for Ultralets+, he will be available for one-to-one, no commitment, strategy meetings to help point you in the right direction. If you decide to entrust Ultralets+ with your next investment move, he will be the driving force to take you from the property find through to completion of the property.


We are privileged to have access to our network of buyers and sellers who already trust the Ultralets brand across the last decade. We have already been providing an off-market investment opportunity service to our registered clients, with this service being so well received we knew we needed to make it more accessible to existing clients and prospective investors alike.
We have always believed in creating relationships with our clients, not just completing transactions, what better way to do that than to offer a personalised service that helps us get to know our clients, understand the direction they want to take their portfolio in and make it a reality. We want to help add to your understanding of investment as well as your portfolio.
Ultralets+ has been in consideration for some time, and now is the time to take the next logical step and open up our Investment Department to focus solely on assisting our trusted clients in their investment journey. We have a team that sports an impressive knowledge of the local area so we are in a perfect position to offer guidance on making investments in Hull. We know that sometimes life gets in the way, we want to offer our service to help those who may have a passion but not the time to pursue their investment goals.
Register your account with us today: https://bit.ly/3sb2S1F 🔗


With a proven network of clients, both internally and externally from Ultralets Lettings, we can diversify our business to provide a trustworthy and professional buying and selling experience. We are already hard at work curating an off-market database of verified buyers and sellers to provide our clients with reliable leads.
We are confident in our ability to assist our clients with their investment journey with a professional opinion backed up by years of practice and experience in the property industry. Having a resource like Dave's experience at your disposal will only add to the benefits of having a guiding hand through the full service of the investment journey from property find to refurbishment and management.
At the heart of Ultralets+, we want to help more people understand the market and understand the process of building a property portfolio, so we have designed our journey to help inform any of our clients that may not be as familiar with the process. Through every step of the way, we are available to answer any questions, or queries that you may have. We are also available to provide a professional opinion for anyone going through their own, independent, investment journey that may just need to speak with an experienced Investment Advisor.

How it works

Your journey will typically start with a strategy meeting with Dave (more info on how to book these will follow). This can be set up as a face-to-face meeting or over a phone/video call. In this meeting, Dave will start to build a picture with you of how you would like to build your portfolio, what it is that you are looking for and just generally get to know and understand you as a person. These encounters, which we call meetings, are just conversations - there's no formal agenda. We want to get to know you and get a feel for how we can tailor the service to work with you. All of these consultations will help build your trust in the process, the brand and Dave. Letting you rest comfortably knowing your investment interests are in safe hands.
Shortly after this, Dave starts to work his magic. He will pour through our database of properties and filter through his channel of networks to cherry-pick the most suitable properties for your needs. A report will be drafted and presented to you containing the current market's comparable rentals and sale/refinance options. You will be advised of the properties current conditions and locations along with a recommended strategy for your investment future.
Once we dial in on an ideal property(ies), the sales progression kicks in. This is where Dave will guide you through conveyancing with trusted solicitors on hand to help. This free's you up to continue with your day-to-day activities whilst Dave and the Ultralets+ team take the lead. As we prepare for completion on the property, the Ultralets in-house Maintenance Team are on hand to be utilised for any repairs or refurbishment that may be advised by Dave for the intended strategy. A schedule of works will be provided where appropriate.
Your property(ies) will now be ready for the Ultralets lettings team to take on the management of the property to ensure your new investment is occupied with reliable tenants to ensure your return on investment starts coming in right away.
If you have any additional questions about the process or if you would like to start your investment journey today, you can register your account here: https://bit.ly/3sb2S1F 🔗
Feel free to contact Dave at dave@ultralets.co.uk for any questions, but be sure to create your account to receive updates about our latest investment opportunities.

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