Welcoming Dave Petersen to the Ultralets Family.

29 Dec 2021

We are making some really exciting moves here at Ultralets. We are proudly welcoming Dave Petersen into the Ultralets family as our new Investment Consultant for our brand-spanking-new Investment Department, Ultralets+. There will be more information following shortly telling you all about the exciting things that Ultralets+ can offer any budding, or seasoned, property investor.
For now, though, let's find out a bit more about Dave (absolutely not David) Petersen (absolutely not Peterson)... we've made that mistake already and he wasn't best pleased. We put together a little Q&A to help you all understand who Dave is and what he is about. Let's see what he had to say:
Tell us a bit about what you will be doing as an Ultralets+ Property Investment Consultant?
I will be taking care of both our buyers and sellers to help them achieve their investment goals. I am here to add(+) to your portfolio as an investor or create the opportunity for established landlords to scale back their portfolios. With a database of trusted buyers and sellers, I will help establish connections between all of our clients to create a robust service from start to finish for investors. I will also be out and about finding fantastic property opportunities that suit the needs of our clients. To round it all off I will be sharing nuggets of wisdom and information along the way to help any interested investor understand the market just a little bit better.
What is your background/experience?
Following a professional career in rugby league (retired more times than I have played I think) my pathway guided me to property, I think I must have been as young as 14 when that interest started. It began with a paintbrush, I eventually ended up in an apprenticeship which helped me understand my passion for property. I fell back into a career in rugby before eventually purchasing my properties! At this point, I knew I needed to rest - too much painting for me. After rugby,  I decided estate agency was my pathway - owning and directing a local estate agent. It was in this position that I was able to establish my knowledge of the property market. Valuing, selling and creating the experience needed to buy properties to create a successful portfolio for my clients working with over 50 Landlords.  
What has drawn you to work on the Ultralets+ initiative?
After 3 years of developing my company, I found I wanted to revisit and focus on what I actually enjoyed and stepped back into a more hands-on role. At the heart of this move, is to help and assist people to build their property portfolios. I enjoy the sales aspect as well, being a cheeky chap I am always negotiating to get the best deal for our clients- I am a tight Yorkshiremen after all. 
The satisfaction of establishing someone's journey is incredibly important to me.
How have you found the transition from your previous role?
It is challenging in some ways, but I know that this is a move that will bring me a huge amount of satisfaction as I continue providing my services to the clients of Ultralets+. Not to mention that Spencer and his team have made me feel incredibly welcome, and to join such a successful team has been great. I now feel like I can truly focus on my passion with a clear direction and plan for the future success of the Property Investment Department, Ultralets+.
What do you get up to outside of work?
Well, I recently welcomed my beautiful little girl into the world, so taking care of her is my main priority. I have restarted my playing career in rugby league (I did say I couldn't stay retired). I have signed a contract with Doncaster Knights. Other than that, my partner Kirsty and I love to be outdoors, going on as many adventures across the UK as we can.
Do you have any hidden talents?
Yeah, I can open a beer bottle with a piece of paper.
A word from Spencer:
"Bringing Dave into Ultralets is a fantastic boost for our team. Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge having previously operated his estate agency but he brings a great work ethic with him and a real can-do attitude. I'm excited to get the Ultralets+ project off the ground with him. 
I also think this is a good move for Dave, allowing him to focus on what he and I know he does best. With Ultralets+ he will be extending the sales service to Ultralets clients which I was previously struggling to find time to do myself."
Well, that about wraps up this exciting announcement. If you want to learn more about Dave's services then feel free to get in touch with him at dave@ultralets.co.uk.
Register your Ultralets+ investment account today here: https://bit.ly/3sb2S1F 

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