We will pay the exit fees with your existing agent when you move to us

09 Dec 2021

As one of the fastest-growing letting agents in the area, we’re getting used to taking over the management of your investment properties from other agents. 

More often than not, when a landlord looks to move to a new agent it’s following a sustained bad experience with their existing agent. Finding a reliable, highly-rated agent known for the quality of their service becomes the main priority in the switch and that’s how landlords end up on our website.

If your property is tenanted some agents will have a clause in their agreement that prevents you from moving to your new agent without paying a fee, usually equivalent to 3 months of management fees. This can often be a frustrating stumbling block for a landlord who just wants away, and quickly. 

We like to keep things simple and we will pay your exit fees (up to 3 months management fees) with your existing agent. We will then take the property over immediately and you won’t notice any difference in the cost of your management service.

If you’d like to discuss this option further, give Spencer a call. 01482 562 562.

If you're unhappy with our service you can leave any time, without penalty.

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