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Q&A with our Maintenance Manager, Russ Dixon

30 Nov 2020

Recently promoted to Maintenance Manager, Russ Dixon plays a crucial role in our maintenance team. In this Q&A he shares his experience moving up the job ladder and how his work directly helps landlords and tenants.  

Q1: How has your role developed at Ultralets so far?

I initially started in September of 2019 within the maintenance department working on developing and maintaining our client's properties across the city. Then in October of 2020, I was made Manager of the maintenance team which has expanded significantly over the last few months. 

Q2: Tell us about your background…

Before starting at Ultralets, I worked for KWL for a year. Prior to that, I was at Martin Dixon Ltd as a qualified Electrician. There I learnt electrical skills that allowed me to identify and repair electrical issues within properties very swiftly.

Q3: What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

Day to day I liaise with landlords and tenants. I organise where my team will be and arrange the access for maintenance operatives and sub-contractors with our tenants. I am also responsible for checking our work, ensuring it’s up to a good standard and completed promptly. 

Q5: Who’s in your team?

I work with Phil, Adam and Ben. Between the four of us, we have most skills covered and there's not much we can’t attend. We work alongside Luke Metcalfe, who carries out all of our gas work and certificates.

Q6: How does your role help make landlords' / tenants’ lives easier?

I take repair reports directly from tenants which relieves the pressure from landlords. For tenants, I mobilise our in-house team quickly and effectively to resolve issues as efficiently as possible without relying on third-party contractors.

Q7: What are your plans with the maintenance department at Ultralets?

I plan to provide a reliable service, always. I will keep our team running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, keeping costs down for landlords and job waitings down to a minimum.

If you’re a landlord who’d like to have Russ take care of the maintenance side of your properties then please get in touch to discuss our property management services: 01482 562 562

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