Liam Dunn joins the Ultralets+ Investment Team

05 Aug 2022

We are pleased to announce that Liam Dunn has joined the Ultralets family as our Investment Sales Associate. You may recognise him from a previous article we have written. Liam purchased his first property at the age of 23, investing in a buy-to-let property before owning his first home for himself. Contrary to the common property investor journey, Liam saw the value in bricks and mortar to help him secure his finances and future.
Liam brought his new investment to Ultralets around a year ago now and we have stayed in close contact with him offering advice and guidance on his journey as a young investor, and a landlord. Conversations developed over the last year and with Liam's clear passion for the industry, we invited him for a discussion about joining our team, to help current and would-be investors in securing their own finances and futures by meeting their portfolio goals.
We've asked Liam a few quick-fire questions to help you all get to know him, here's how it went:
What will your role as Investment Sales Associate involve?
My role will involve working directly with Dave in the Investment Team. My primary tasks will be finding new property deals and suitable buyers, liaising with relevant parties to ensure a smooth transaction and providing quality communication with clients.
What is your background/experience?
My professional experience includes seven years working in the transport industry, planning a fleet of up to 40 trucks. However, my property experience comes from the buy-to-let property I purchased in 2020.
Why did you want to join Ultralets?
I’ve been a client of Ultralets for nearly 2 years and have been very impressed with the level of service. I’ve wanted to go full-time into the property industry for some time now and this role at a company like Ultralets stood out as the perfect step for me.
How has your first week been?
Like any new job, there’s a lot of information to take in but I’ve enjoyed the challenge and it hasn’t taken long to find my feet. The friendly atmosphere and positive working environment have helped massively!
Do you have any hobbies/activities outside of work?
I like to keep active by playing football, badminton, golf, going to the gym and socialising with friends, most of which tend to end up finishing in the pub.
A word from Dave:
After his first week, Liam has already shown a great understanding of the investment market, time and experience will finely tune his understanding and he will be able to help our clients significantly. We are looking forward to seeing the development of his skills throughout the journey. 
A word from Spencer:
Liam impressed me from the first time I met him when I valued his first buy-to-let property. At such a young age using his own initiative to get into property investment. This is exactly the sort of mindset I need in my company. Welcome to the team, Liam. 
If you are a landlord looking to upscale or downscale your portfolio or if you are considering getting into property investment, we provide reliable advice on investments in the area, achievable rental income, predicted costs of refurbishment and capital growth potential. Give us a call on 01482 562 562 or drop Liam an email at to start the discussion today.

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