Did you know some of the first records of renting were logged in Medieval times? 

We were keen to discover more about how the rental process has changed from then to now so we’ve done a bit of research. There may be strict rules to follow when renting out property now but things were a bit different in Medieval times:

Let us set the scene for you. It’s somewhere between 800 - 1200 AD...

Landlords would own the farming land and it was their job to protect the villagers from robbers (which was a huge problem in that era). In return, the villagers would tend to the farm and give the landlord a fixed portion of the crop yield. Their ‘rent’ payments started off being attached to the land rather than property. 

Any homes built on the land were not the responsibility of the landlord to repair and maintain but the villagers who lived in them. Even if their home was completely destroyed in a fire, they would still owe the rent to the landlord as the value was in the land. It’s also worth noting that the tenants could not be evicted and would live on the land for life - can you imagine never moving house?

How have things changed since then? 

Dramatically. Even though the term ‘landlord’ may have stuck, times have changed significantly. For starters, we can’t imagine landlords these days being willing to take a sack of parsnips as their rental payment.

It’s no longer up to the tenant to repair and maintain their property either like back then. Instead landlords have a duty to keep their rental property up to a lettable standard. 

There are certain requirements and certificates needed to be able to rent out a property. Our team of specialists work with landlords to make sure everything is above board, legal and to a good standard for our tenants. We have an in-house works team on hand to fix up and repair essential works.

As for moving house, it’s very rare to stay in the same property for all of your life these days and tenants move around from time to time. We use a range of marketing techniques to minimise void periods for the properties we manage and keep them let for longer. 

Do you need a helping hand managing your rental property? Get in touch with our team today on 01482 562562.

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